My name is Erika. I’ve been told its origins are Hispanic, Russian, Latvian, and Greek. As my family is mostly German, I’m not sure how this happened, but I rather like it. It is nearly impossible to shorten into a nickname – the closest friends have come is “Airy” or “Airhead,” which implies there’s nothing but fluff between my ears.

This could be true, of course. But I hope not. In any case, I put what’s between my ears into this space here – mostly thoughts on stories, writing, working, and homemaking in a little farm-town north of Grand Rapids, MI. I am a wife as well as a writer, so while my characters and created worlds are my first loves, they are no longer my greatest.

The Husband and I

The Husband and I

I grew up in Michigan (the fifth generation to live on the family farm in Berrien County), was homeschooled all twelve grades, and went on to excel in Cornerstone University’s undergraduate creative writing program. I now work as a writing tutor, but when I’m not being paid to guide a variety of students in the ways of composition, I write fantasy novels and short stories about country life and alien takeovers. Of all the writing I’ve tried over the years, tales of the fantastic bring the most pleasure.

I write for the pleasure of it, because it feels like I was made for it, because the ideas come and they just keep rattling around until I give them a book to rattle around in instead.

So far there are two books. I plan on a total of six. And then? We’ll see.

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I realized you and I have the last same names. I think. :)

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