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Writer sits in home, happily drinking coffee and going over old story-notes for renewed contemplation.

Cat meows at back door.

Writer ignores cat. Cat has been fed. Cat has been stroked. Cat cannot come inside until the allergic Husband has left for work.

Cat continues to meow from back stoop.

Writer continues to ignore cat. Sips more coffee

Cat rises up on hind legs to peer through screen. Meows louder. In case Writer didn’t hear her the first several times.

Writer continues to drink coffee.

Cat begins to yowl as if in pain.

Writer sighs. Gathers papers, pen, and leaves coffee on the table. Goes outside. Sits on back stoop with cat. Begins to write.

Cat sniffs pen, sits on paper, starts to purr.

Writer writes.

Cat gets bored.

Writer keeps writing.

Cat begins to chew on Writer.

Writer has thumbs and wins at playtime. Continues writing. Looks up a couple minutes later. Cat has vanished. Writer waits. Cat remains vanished.

Writer sighs, gathers things again, and goes back inside to a now-cold cup of coffee. Arranges things on table. Starts to brew another cup.

Cat appears at back door. Meows.

Pure Evil

Pure Evil