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1) Grocery shopping

Aside from those first horrifying minutes where you’re dragging this gigantic cart around the store and it’s EMPTY and you feel so guilty about this you start to fill it with bags of chips so you’re taking up all that space for a reason, grocery shopping is a beautiful experience during which you get to cross things off a list and fill your cupboards. The rest of the day after you’ve come home from grocery shopping is like Christmas.

2) Wiping the counter after washing dishes

I can’t explain this one.

3) Checking my email

There’s something about not having any unread emails in my inbox.

4) Answering emails

Like all communication, I view email-answering with a mild degree of terror. Even if all I have to send is something super simple, such as “Hey, great. That would be perfect!”, I tend to put it off until it’s been so long since the sender sent the email they won’t remember who I am. So, on the rare occasion where I buckle down and actually answer an email before an inappropriate amount of time has passed, I feel like I should be running a company.

5) Getting up early and watching a newsish entertainment show. Like, The Today Show or whatever it’s called.

I think morning talk shows are kind of weird. But I feel so . . . informed and like I’m going to start cooking like someone on television. And sometimes you see people you know in real life holding signs. Which is cool.

6) Making the bed

But only if it’s a bigger bed than a twin-size bed. There is nothing particularly interesting about making a twin-size bed because you’re basically as big as the bed: there’s no challenge. Making a larger bed, on the other hand, takes skills. Getting the covers to hang at equal lengths on both sides of the mattress is something I’ve been working on ever since I was large enough for my mother to make making her bed a chore. For allowance or something. Now that it’s my bed, I plan on perfecting the skill.

7) Making a meal for someone other than yourself

8) Yard-work

Growing vegetables, planting flowers, weeding rows of sweet corn, mowing the lawn, that sort of thing.

Also, contemplating.

Also, contemplating.

9) Going out to eat on a weekday

Because even though you have to work tomorrow, you have A LIFE. Yeah.

10) Looking under the hood of a vehicle

Because no one else is going to do it for you. And even if looking under the hood doesn’t help anything, at least you look like you’re trying.

Feeling like an adult is often different than actually being an adult. Being an adult is about age and taking responsibility for your life, whereas feelings don’t have much substance. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have the feelings too.